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Hayden Toneworks is a full service builder of custom basses and offers the opportunity to build the bass of your dreams at realistic prices.

We have three main ways to help you get the bass you need:

Standard Range

Three styles (Traditional J-Bass, P-Bass & Contemporary Boutique) available in both fretted and fretless styles with four and five string versions available. Several are always available from inventory in finished or unfinished state however, so you can easily mix and match bodies, necks and hardware to get where you want to go.

Custom Range

After consultation, design and testing, we're at your side for all aspects of the build. We will advise you with all questions related to wood selection, finishes and hardware choices. Almost any design, shape or style that is practical can be achieved. One neck, two necks, or more!

Restorations &

Our consultants provide field-tested experience and expertise to successfully repair your classic instrument or refurbish that hot rod special  you have been planning to customize!

Let's make it happen! 
Contact us today at sales@haydentoneworks.com to set up a complimentary consultation.

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